Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds... from Evansville, IN to Guntersville, AL

Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds... from Evansville, IN to Guntersville, AL
Traveling with My Camera Again
Marina Bromley

I've not carried my camera with me much this summer, or, more accurately, I've CARRIED it a LOT, but haven't used it much.

This past week I had reason to go back to Evansville, IN and happened to have a free hour one morning, so I went to one of my favorite flower stops off the Lloyd, the Master Gardener public garden.

Past visits have told me that they would have had a lovely offering of flowers this summer, but I haven't had a chance to keep up on their weather, so I had no ideas if their gardens would be dry and spent already. As it was, they were still in full bloom, and full of butterflies and bees that were busy pollinating the area. It was a delightful sight.

I'd like to think, if I had a sunny couple of flat acres, that I'd plant it similar to their gardens. The varieties of flora that they display are wonderful! I hope that you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Upon return home yesterday, we had a hummingbird get stuck in our garage. Poor thing was flying at the top of the garage ceiling, and it didn't seem to be able to discern that the garage door opening was the way out. The sun was very bright, and it may have been disorienting it. I had been given a hummingbird feeder for Mothers Day, and decided that it was the right time to fill it and set it out, hoping to lure the hummer into the lower atmosphere and out the door. It did leave the garage, but I didn't stay around to see if my lure worked or not. I'm just glad it got out!

My husband hung the feeder out on our bird feeder post, and today it was full of hummingbirds! I was able to use the camera at a fairly close range to capture their beauty. There were several out, all throughout the day, and it was a delight to see them feeding and fighting. Again, I hope that you enjoy the photos...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

10 (or more) Little Photos... from Sunset Drive #LakeGuntersville

10 (or more) Little Photos... from Sunset Drive #LakeGuntersville
- Marina Bromley, Marina's Kitchen Table

I've not had my camera out much since we've moved here. I'm not sure if it's mourning the move, seasonal depression, busy-ness, or just using my phone more because we lack high speed internet at the house, so it takes so much more patience to use internet here. Uploading photos is time consuming, especially to edit them, as I use an online program/app and not something that's on my computer (without using the internet). I may have to go back to using a real program again (which is so much more labor intensive... but an option I suppose).

Today was Mark's company picnic, and as I've done in year's past, he asked me to bring along the camera and take photos of the other Team Members and their families having fun in all the festivities. I took a hundred (or more) photos for them to play on the breakroom tv, and on the way home Mark indulged me in "taking the long way" along Sunset Drive. It wasn't quite sunset, but the clouds were moving in, and the sun was setting, and the place they met was turning all rosy and spectacular. It didn't disappoint. Since I had my camera, we made a few stops and snapped a few shots.

I didn't quite understand how therapeutic it all was until I got to editing the photos just now. I have missed it. I love photography, and it's one of those things I've always done, and will likely always do. Even if the "10 Little Photos..." don't appear as often in this blog, I do hope to continue to post them every now and again...

God does such great work. There are so many beautiful things around here, and I don't want to ignore those blessings and not make the memories of documenting the beauty through photography. Enjoy!