Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Connect

For those of you wanting/needing an update on my life - I PROMISE I'll write more this evening (or tomorrow). But for now, I only had 5 minutes to spare....

Here's my post for my Five Minute Friday:

Connect is such an important word to me…such a valuable concept to live in. Communication is a huge part of what i am, what i do, and if i don’t have others to connect with, well, i’m a duck out of water!

Mark is always great to connect with me – even too much sometimes! he’ll call on a break, or when he’s driving to say hello and see how my day is, just to touch base. In this season of living apart (he’s at a new job, I’m with the “old” house) we have to connect on several levels – personally, house stuff here, house stuff there…but we don’t get to connect deeper – and I miss that.

I’m at a conference this week on Global Leadership – and it’s all about connecting with each other. I’m attending with our church – at a neighboring church – so we stand out – this large group, connecting and discussing thoughts and ideas. but the thing that runs behind it all for me is how much i’m going to MISS them all in just a few short weeks!

i’m grateful for the internet, social media, and basic telephone – knowing that i’ll get to continue to connect with them…