Friday, August 31, 2012

Five minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker hosts a Five Minute Friday writing challenge at her site...the topic today is CHANGE (of which I found no experience to draw!)
Boxes packed, stacked around me. Paperwork signed, sealed & delivered. In the mail. Checks and deposits. Reservations. House selling done too fast. Bought new one in a weekend. Saying good byes each time I walk into church. Tears. Joy. Sadness. Confusion. Can’t fathom saying good bye to kids and grands that have shared our roof, our table, our memories. Bright eyes to see me melt my heart and crush my spirit. Good bye? New church aWaits, memories to be made. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. To be in its doors. To put down roots. New neighborhood to be walked. Prayer walked. Prayed for friendships to venture outside their closed doors and hearts. Evangelism in the rawest and most vulnerable form. Hard to remain me, in a material world. No fake nails…they are too fake for me on this journey. I want to be me. Who He made me to be. Amidst the change END