Friday, September 28, 2012

FMF - "Grasp"

I'm linking up with DaySpring's (in)courage Lisa-Jo Baker on her Five Minute Friday, and the topic today is "Grasp".
Just FIVE minutes of unedited writing on her chosen topic...just to put it out there -


I think of the NOOMA video, the one where Rob Bell is talking about "letting go of the good to grab hold of the better" - and his son being at the beach with hands full of shells, when he is playing in the water and a star fish happens to bob by on the top of the water. He wants to grasp hold of it so badly, but his hands are full of these shells, random bits and pieces that have washed up on the shore...and this perfect star fish is a gift from God, but he isn't willing to let go of the "every day" to GRASP hold of the "amazing".

I feel like my life is like that so often. I'm doing these GOOD things, KINGDOM things that are making a difference, and I'm enthralled to do it. But sometimes I miss an opportunity to do something AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING because I'm enslaved to doing these "good" things.

I'm wondering if that's why He (God) has removed me from my GOOD LIFE in Ky? Did He have to pick me up and move me because he knew that I wouldn't let go of these thingst hat meant so much to me?? To be surrounded by so much good, people, family, ministry, missions....that I was being too busy to see His bigger plan?? What am I doing with these empty hands now? Am I rushing to fill them too quickly, and not let HIM bring the AMAZING things He wants...just to fill my calendar STOP