Tuesday, January 8, 2013

God-sized Dreams?

Since I started reading Holley Gerths' blogging and books a while back (a year? more??) she expanded my vocabulary to include the phrase "God-sized Dream"....now what am I supposed to do with THAT?!

I didn't grow up making plans. I didn't achieve goals. They spoke about it in the college classes I took, but those phrases, setting goals, making plans, they were what other people did. Not me. I was a roamer. A sojourner. I was always shaking dust off my feet and moving down the road (literally, I lived in beach towns in Southern CA in the 70's - think surfers.). Although there were things I hoped would happen, I don't think I ever had a GOAL. So this is all NEW spiritual territory for me!! Even when I led an amazing group of women through Holley's book, "You're Already Amazing" - we all froze at the chapter on making a goal. Seriously. OK - maybe 3 over achiever types did that assignment. Not me. :(

Her latest book "The Do What You Can Plan (21 Days to make any area of your life better)" is all about setting realistic goals and ACCOMPLISHING THEM.

That's a big key in the way she works. Little goals that we can do. Not big, lofty things that take years to accomplish, but baby steps. Things we can do NOW, in 15 minutes or less!

SO, today my assignment is to set a little goal. Put it on paper (or on blog, as it may be) and do it. Be accountable, and achieve that goal! Just DO it!!

So my goal has been to eat Cheerios for breakfast each day. Don't laugh. This is big for me. Doable. But. Big.

See,  I need to bring my triglicerides down. Dr says so, and she suggested 45 minutes of daily exercise (um, yeah...I may make that my goal NEXT week...) and to eat Cheerios every morning. So, I'm knocking that one down. ME, who doesn't usually eat breakfast. Doesn't find Cheerios my cup of tea (or bowl of cereal) is gonna nail this one goal. Cheerios. Every Day. Breakfast. Key things that I don't do.

So my goal is to eat!! LOL.

I'm proud of me.
(a little)

So, this is my first post, towards the bigger God-sized Dreams He has for me. :)

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PS- it's not too late if you want to join us in finding YOUR God-sized dream!!