*wHim* - Women Helping In Missions

We all know someone who is working "here, near, or far away" to further the kingdom of God by doing Missions, Church Planting, or Humanitarian work. Often we get their prayer lists, perhaps mail them a check monthly (or expect our church to mail a check on behalf of us), and wait to hear their stories once they return every year or two... or when they move home totally wiped out and broken.

My prayer is that this place, the page for *wHim*, would be a place where we can encourage each other to encourage those we know on the field.

The church is an amazing place, but lets be honest... sometimes they are overwhelmed with taking care of the people sitting in front of them. In many churches it takes months (or years) to get a new group going to do anything. To start a Missionary Care ministry in each church would be AMAZING, but we don't have time to wait for all of the committees to meet and approve whether or not it's ok to start a group.

In the mean while, our missionaries are suffering and feeling abandoned. OK. Not all of them feel this way... but many do, and it's easy for us to help them NOW.

Please join us as we begin sharing ideas, inspiration, and encouragement, on what we can do to help our missionary friends and loved ones that are serving.

Not only will we be posting ideas here on the blog for Marina's Kitchen Table, but we have an active Facebook group now, called "whim," for you to join in.

Although this group has "women" in the title, the information here is for everyone who needs it. My thoughts will often be directed to women, as I feel we are usually the ones to provide care, nurturing, and instigate the actions to get Missionary Care going. There are many men doing Missionary Care too, but for ease of dialog, I'll be directing this conversation as if you're all women out there. :)  Bear with me on that please.

I want to make it clear too, that YOU are equipped to provide care for the missionary that you know! Several other times I've spoken to people about Missionary Care and they get all excited wanting ME to provide care for the missionary that THEY know. Nope. YOU can do this! You love this person, care about them, are interested in what they are doing and the people they are reaching. It just takes a little prayer and equipping for you to feel confident in the care and feeding of your missionary.

My prayer is that we will each grow in our love for God, and feel Him equip us to support, send, sustain and receive the missionaries that we know, and be so passionate about it that we gather others around us to assist us in this ministry!

Grace and peace,